Wrongful death

What damages may be awarded in a wrongful death case?

Tampa, FL personal injury attorney John Holcomb discusses the damages that may be awarded in a wrongful death case. He explains that in Florida, there exists a specific statute that addresses wrongful death cases. When handling such cases, even with a familiarity with the statute, a comprehensive examination is essential to determine the entitlements for each party involved. For example, if a surviving spouse undergoes the loss of their husband or wife, they qualify for compensation for pain and suffering due to the significant emotional impact. Additionally, they have the right to claim “loss of net accumulations,” referring to any money the deceased spouse would have saved over time, taking into account their life expectancy. Loss of support is another crucial aspect, applicable when the deceased spouse served as the primary breadwinner, encompassing financial support. Conversely, if the deceased played the role of a stay-at-home parent, the surviving spouse may be entitled to compensation for the expenses incurred in replacing the domestic responsibilities, along with compensation for pain and suffering.

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