Slip and fall accidents

What are the biggest challenges you face in slip and fall cases?

Tampa, FL personal injury attorney John Holcomb discusses the biggest challenges faced in slip and fall cases. He explains that in slip and fall cases, the challenges faced are well-understood, backed by extensive expertise derived from a career defending amusement parks, water-themed parks, and numerous department stores. A pivotal element in these cases is comparative negligence. For example, if an individual experiences a slip and fall on a puddle of water, scrutiny arises concerning why they didn’t observe it. Engaging the services of a lawyer becomes imperative in such situations, aiding in establishing reasons why the person might not have noticed the hazard and emphasizing the responsibility of the store or theme park to identify it.

From the vantage point of someone who determined payouts in these cases, the most compelling arguments consistently emanated from lawyers adept at articulating why their clients couldn’t reasonably have noticed the hazard leading to the slip and fall. Simultaneously, these lawyers underscored the awareness that defense clients should have had regarding the hazard.

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