Motorcycle accidents

What advice do you have for people injured in a motorcycle accident?

Tampa, FL personal injury attorney John Holcomb shares his advice for people injured in a motorcycle accident. He explains that in advising individuals involved in motorcycle accidents, it is emphasized that wearing a helmet and protective eye gear is crucial. However, in Florida, these safety measures are considered comparative negligence items. For instance, if an individual is not wearing a helmet and sustains injuries limited to their limbs and extremities, the absence of a helmet may have minimal impact on the case. However, if there is a head injury involved, it may present a challenge. The burden lies with the opposing side to prove that the head injury was exacerbated due to the lack of a helmet or similar protective measures.

Regarding motorcycle accidents, it is essential to consider that many drivers may overlook motorcycles on the road. Even in cases where the motorcyclist is entirely without fault, there exists a potential for the jury to assign some degree of fault, particularly if the jurors lack familiarity with motorcycle driving.

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