Sexual harassment

What evidence do you need to prove sexual harassment?

Tampa, FL employment plaintiff attorney Jack Holcomb discusses what evidence you need to prove sexual harassment. He explains that to establish a case of sexual harassment, it is crucial to gather and document all available evidence, especially text messages and emails. Perpetrators of sexual harassment often try to avoid leaving a written trail and may engage in such behavior discreetly. Therefore, victims must diligently record any incidents and promptly seek legal assistance. While some individuals might believe that their company’s HR department will protect them, it is important to note that HR’s primary focus is often safeguarding the company’s interests. That’s why it is essential to contact an attorney immediately if you experience any form of discrimination or harassment. An attorney will prioritize your well-being and rights rather than the company’s concerns. It is of utmost importance to reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible when facing any discrimination or harassment situation.

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